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Effective management of hemostasis intraoperatively during a procedure may be challenging. Uncontrollable bleeding can lead to unfortunate patient outcomes, result in compromised health, introduce or worsen an existing medical condition, and/or result in higher healthcare costs. Your patients cannot stop the bleeding themselves. They depend on you to take control and prioritize their health. You owe it to your patients to use the best medical-grade hemostasis products and solutions. With a systematic approach to the management of bleeding, you and your team can rise above the rest and beat the odds.

SPONGOSTAN Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge
Absorbable Haemostats

SPONGOSTAN Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge

SURGICEL Original Absorbable Haemostat
Absorbable Haemostats

Original Absorbable Haemostat


A Systematic Approach to Critical Bleeding

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. An investment in Ethicon hemostats can offer you and your team a feeling of confidence and reassurance in the operating room. By taking advantage of the advanced and innovative solutions from Ethicon, you can operate knowing that you have a solution to any kind of bleeding situation that may arise. You owe it to your patients to be prepared for any scenario, no matter how unique or problematic it may be.

Solutions for Unique Clinical Challenges

Every bleeding situation is different from the next. Your team requires a solution that can overcome any obstacle they encounter. Our Ethicon adjunctive hemostats are designed to stop the bleeding in any situation, no matter how problematic or high-risk it may be. Our hemostasis products can help you and your team take control of and overcome problematic bleeding, continuous oozing bleeding, high-pressure vessel bleeding, re-bleeding risks, and bleeding that is difficult to access. Adjunctive hemostats can manage and control bleeding by acting as a mechanical barrier. This creates an environment that can help improve clotting, triggering coagulation, and/or sealing adjacent surfaces.

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